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Complete List of Directors and Trustees

The Coast Guard Foundation is governed by a board trustees from all over the country. The Trustees elect from their members a 30-person Board of Directors to oversee the management of the Foundation. Our Trustees are dedicated individuals who contribute valuable resources to the Foundation.

Mr. Edward Ameen, Director

Mr. Chris Bollinger, Director

Mrs. Anne B. Brengle, Director

VADM Sally Brice-O'Hara, USCG (Ret.), Director

Ms. Nicki M. Candies, Director

Mr. Michael L. Carthew, Director

CPO R. Angelo Cleffi, USCG (Ret.), Director

Mr. James J. Coleman, Jr., Director

Ms. Cheryl D. Felder, Director

Mr. Robert J. Flynn, Director

Mrs. Verna K. Gibson, Director

Mr. Walter J. Hickel, Jr., Director

Mr. William Jenkins, Director

Mr. R. Christian Johnsen, Director

Mr. John S. Johnson, Director

Ms. Corrine X. Kosar, Director

Mr. Leo Paul Koulos, Director

Mr. Stein Kruse, Director

Mr. Clay Maitland, Director

Mr. Kevin J. McSweeney, Director

Mr. James P. Muldoon, Director

Mr. James A. O'Hare, Director

Ms. Loretta Rietsema, Director

Mr. Ross E. Roeder, Director

Ms. Judith A. Roos, Director

Mr. Steve T. Scalzo, Director

RADM Duncan C. Smith III, USCGR (Ret.), Director

Mr. Roy Vander Putten, Director

Dr. Robert C. Byrd, Honorary Trustee

Mr. Thomas A. Allegretti, Trustee

ADM Thad W. Allen, USCG (Ret.), Trustee

Mr. James S. Andrasick, Trustee

Mr. William Anonsen, Trustee

CAPT William A. Bisso III, Trustee

Mr. Morton S. Bouchard III, Trustee

Ms. Lisa Kazor Christovich, Trustee

Mr. William H. Collier, Jr., Trustee

CAPT Blaine E. Collins, Trustee

Mrs. Linda M. Cooke, Trustee

Mr. Angus R. Cooper II, Trustee

Mr. Lawrence P. Cotter, Trustee

Mr. C. Richard D'Amato, Trustee

Mr. Brosius D'Arcy, Trustee

Mr. David F. Dyer, Trustee

Mr. Jeffrey Freeman, Trustee

Mr. Al A. Gonsoulin, Trustee

Mr. Richard J. Grahn, Trustee

CAPT F. David Hoffman, USCGR (Ret.), Trustee

Mr. Gary Jobson, Trustee

Mr. George Kampstra, Trustee

Mr. Mark K. Knoy, Trustee

Mr. Mark Knudsen, Trustee

Mr. H. Merritt Lane III, Trustee

Ms. Carleen Lyden-Kluss, Trustee

Mr. James M. Mathieu, Trustee

Mr. Brian B. McAllister, Trustee

Mr. Sidney Mizell, Trustee

Mr. Stephen E. Muecke, Trustee

RADM James C. Olson, USCG (Ret.), Trustee

MCPOCG Vincent W. Patton, USCG (Ret.), Trustee

Mr. Frederick F. Perry, Trustee

VADM D. Brian Peterman, USCG (Ret.), Trustee

Mr. Joseph B. Phair, Trustee

Dr. Craig E. Philip, Trustee

Mr. Jeffrey M. Platt, Trustee

Mr. Joseph H. Pyne, Trustee

Mr. John F. Reinhart, Trustee

Mr. Thomas K. Richey, Trustee

CAPT Paul J. Roden, USCG (Ret.), Trustee

Mr. Dan Schultz, Trustee

Mr. Philip J. Shapiro, Trustee

Honorary Trusteeable William Sheffield, Trustee

Mr. Howard Slotnick, Trustee

CAPT Patrick Stadt, USCG (Ret.), Trustee

Mr. John F. Statts, Trustee

VADM William D. Sullivan, USN (Ret.), Trustee

Mr. Cary K. Swasand, Trustee

Ms. Tara M. Sweeney, Trustee

RADM James C. Van Sice, USCG (Ret.), Trustee

Mr. Thomas Wetherald, Trustee

Ms. Margaret C. Winters, Trustee

Mr. James H. Woodward, Jr., Trustee

Mr. Gerald W. Blakeley, Jr., Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Donald T. Bollinger, Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Otto Candies, Jr., Trustee Emeritus

Mr. James T. Caraway, Trustee Emeritus

VADM John D. Costello, USCG (Ret.), Trustee Emeritus

RADM Marshall E. Gilbert, USCG (Ret.), Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Lawrence R. Glenn, Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Robert J. Halcro, Trustee Emeritus

VADM Richard D. Herr, USCG (Ret.), Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Demosthenis M. Hountalas, Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Jean-Jacques Marie, Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Timothy R. McHugh, Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Kevin O'Connell, Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Richard L. Petri, Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Paul F. Richardson, Trustee Emeritus

CAPT John Maxham, USCG (Ret.), Honorary Trustee

ADM Thomas H. Collins, USCG (Ret.), Honorary Trustee

ADM James S. Gracey, USCG (Ret.), Honorary Trustee

ADM Robert E. Kramek, USCG (Ret.), Honorary Trustee

VADM Charles E. Larkin, USCG (Ret.), Honorary Trustee

ADM James M. Loy, USCG (Ret.), Honorary Trustee

COMO Thomas C. Mallison, USCG Aux., Honorary Trustee

Mr. Eric W. Caplan, Life Trustee

Ms. Linda Coll, Life Trustee

Mr. Lamarr Cooler, Life Trustee

Mr. Eric R. Dawicki, Life Trustee

Mr. Douglas B. Eaton, Life Trustee

Mr. Paul M. Erickson, Life Trustee

Mr. James G. Ferguson, Life Trustee

Ms. Diane Fraser, Life Trustee

Mr. Monte Friedkin, Life Trustee

RADM Tom Gilmour, USCG (Ret.), Life Trustee

Mr. Douglas E. Holm, Life Trustee

Mr. Gerhard E. Kurz, Life Trustee

Mr. Roch Lambert, Life Trustee

Ms. Amelia Rea Maguire, Esquire, Life Trustee

CAPT John P. Mihlbauer, USCG (Ret.), Life Trustee

Mr. Michael T. Moore, Life Trustee

Mr. Bo A.F. Peterson, Life Trustee

CAPT Richard T. Shannon, Life Trustee

Mr. Eugene F. Sweeney, Life Trustee

Mr. John H. Thommen, Life Trustee

Rev. Hugh A. Westbrook, Life Trustee