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Coastie Kids Raise Money For The Foundation

One of the pillars of the Coast Guard Foundation's mission is to support families in any way we can, whether that means awarding college scholarships for the children of enlisted personnel, or building a playground at a base to give families a safe place to play and build a sense of community.

This past August, in celebration of the Coast Guard's 221st birthday, the Foundation got help from some of the people we've supported in the past. On Coast Guard Day 2011, the "Kids of Training Center Petaluma, California" set up a lemonade stand to raise funds for The Foundation.

The kids sold lemonade outside of a 3K-5K family run/walk event at 50 cents a pop. Amazingly, they sold 100 cups of lemonade and were able to raise $50 for The Foundation. Master Chief Petty Officer Richard Wolfe helped organize the kids' effort locally and arranged to send the donation to the Foundation.


The lemonade stand sales were a small way of saying "thanks for all your hard work at the foundation and for all the Coasties who use it," Wolfe said. The names of the girls who worked the stand are: Hayle, Alyese, Cailen, Jessica and Summer.

Needless to say, the Foundation was touched by the kids' showing their support.

"Every day the Foundation works hard to bolster support and raise money for the men and women of the United States Coast Guard and their families," said Anne Brengle, president of the Coast Guard Foundation. "We are touched by the efforts of these children to help us in our mission. Every donation we receive, large or small, makes an impact, and we are truly grateful for their actions and support."



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