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USCG Moms Help Others Attend Boot Camp Graduation

USCG Moms, a Facebook group of all volunteers, raises money to pay for travel expenses for other moms to attend graduation from boot camp. For Karin Valentine, who is active in the USCG Moms Facebook group, her daughter's graduation ceremony was a moving experience, and she thought that every proud mom should be able to see her child make that rite of passage, regardless of money.

"I was so overwhelmed and impressed and proud. It was just an amazing experience," Valentine said. "We're super good at raising funds, but we can't find moms who need our help."

There are approximately 48 boot camp graduation ceremonies a year, according to Valentine. It stands to reason that there are moms out there who want to attend, but think they can't.

"No mom should miss graduation because of money," Valentine said. She added that the moms who receive help can be completely anonymous.

After people enlist in the Coast Guard, endure a grueling eight weeks of boot camp, and come out on the other side a full-fledged member of the service, they are treated to a graduation ceremony in Cape May, NJ, marking their transformation from a citizen to a defender of the homeland.

The USCG Moms are very successful at raising money, but have a hard time finding moms who need their help. Over the past year, since the group first formed, the Coast Guard Moms have sent 11 mothers to graduation in Cape May.

"We want to help more moms," Valentine said.


The USCG Moms raise money through their Facebook page, selling bracelets and key chains, and other crafts.

Besides sending moms to graduation, the USCG Moms serve as an unofficial support group where new Coast Guard mothers can ask questions and find people who have gone through the process of their child joining the service.

"It's really good for someone new, because we answer a lot of questions," Valentine said. "It's very scary for a mom, but we just bring them right along, because we've all done it."

For more information: visit the US Coast Guard Mom In Need Facebook page, or e-mail the group This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Comments (13)

  1. As a member of the USCG Mom in Need Committee, I wish to thank you for your support. We appreciate your efforts in helping us get the word out that no mom should miss the Cape May Graduation for lack of money. We can and will always help a mom in need. We have assisted 11 women from all over the US, including 2 moms from PR. Thank you, Jane
  2. Thank you for supporting the USCG Moms/Mom in Need Fund by getting the word out. I can not tell you how much the love and support from these other mothers means to me. Especially not being from a military background, having someone who can answer questions has been a blessing. These moms have become more like sisters and we can't imagine not being able to go to Cape May graduation. We raise funds so others without the financial resources to make the trip don't have to miss it. Again, Thank You, Kim
  3. My husband and I have been supporting the Foundation since our son decided to join the USCG. his involvement in the military led me to seek out support online which ultimately led to the USCG Mom's Page on Facebook. What an amazing, invaluable support system that became to me! I am proud to be a member of the USCG Mom in Need Committee as a direct result of that page and I have my son to thank for it! We are so proud and honored to represent over 600 women on the mom's page and are always actively seeking deserving moms to send to boot camp. I know that after experiencing the pride and honor of that experience, I don't ever want to hear of a mom missing out on such a wonderful opportunity! Thank you to the Coast Guard Foundation for helping us get the word out!
  4. Thank you for spreading the word concerning our efforts to find those Moms in Need. I am proud to have been a member of the USCG Moms since its inception. Not only do we monetarily help CG Moms, we provide emotional support, pride, and laughter. Many of us have met other CG Moms for lunch, dinner, overnights and even short vacations. Some have gone to stations and met the CG children of other Moms. We are truly sisters by virtue of our common CG chidren. Thank you again, for your support.
  5. Thank you for spreading the word about the Mom in Need Fund. Our family is blessed to live only 10 minutes from TRACEN Cape May. So when our son graduated Boot Camp in November 2012 he was blessed to have a small 'crowd' to cheer him on and support him. Some recruits don't have anyone, for whatever life reason, who can be there to support them. But financial need, should not be the reason for his/her Mom anymore, this amazing fund can help.
  6. Thank you CG Foundation for getting the word out about the Mom In Need Fund. We appreciate your support and recognition. I am proud to be a member of the MIN Committee and hope many moms who otherwise would not get to their recruit's graduation will hear about this opportunity and contact us for help. We are here for you. CG Foundation thank you for all you do for our coasties.
  7. I am a proud single mom of two Marines and am not able to save for an airline ticket and expenses for a trip to San Diego to see my second son graduate from boot camp. My daughter would also very much like to attend as she did for her older brother's graduation. Is there funding to help mom's of Marines? I would be sooooo grateful to be able to attend this great and moving event in my son's life. You can E-mail me or catch me on facebook under Ruth Stockton from Redding California. Thank you for making such a huge difference with your gift of time and support for all of the USCG families you have helped so far, You guys make the world a better place! God Bless, Ruth Stockton
  8. My son will be going to BC on 7/10/12. I am a nervous wreck. My husband passed away 6 years ago and I feel so alone in this process.. I am happy to have found this site!!! As the questions come up, I will be asking them. Thank you ladies, for being here to support all the other Mom's feeling like I am right now~~~
  9. My son is in basic training for the navy in Chicago, Illinois. Im so sad, i miss him so much! Im really uupset that im not gonna be able to afford to get there and see him graduate! I dont want to miss it! Can you tell me who to contact or any other way that could possibly be of assistance for me? Thank you so very very much for any help!! JENNIFER ARTZT
  10. Hi! My son will graduate on Dec 14, 2012 from Fort Leonard Wood, MO. He is Army and his MOS will be Combat Engineer, EOD. We have very limited funds but I do NOT want to miss his graduation! He is my only child. I have a way to get there. I just need help with gas (it's so high!!!)) and such. Is there any help for us Army Moms? Please feel free to email me. Thank you so much for any help you might could give!!!
  11. I know this is for Marine families but do you know of anyone that would help a Navy family? I work with a women that would love to attend her sons graduation she is a single mom and just starting over. Due to hurricane Sandy her work was closed for 3 days ruining her chance financialy to go. Unfortantly it is on Fri. Today is Wed. Nov 14. She lives in NJ and needs to go to Great Lakes IL. Any suggestions or places she may call? Thanks, Cindy Fields
  12. Do you only help moms go to basic training graduation?
  13. I would like to ask for any help possible for my 10 year old and myself to attend my daughters boot camp graduation from ft Jackson on October 31, 2013. Anything will be appreciated from the bottom of my heart.