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Awardees for the 32nd Annual Salute to the Coast Guard Announced

The Coast Guard Foundation is proud to announce that the 2012 Coast Guard Foundation Award for Heroism will be presented to Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak, for its rescue of the crews of the fishing vessels Heritage and Kimberly. The award will be presented at the 32nd Annual Salute to the Coast Guard in New York City on October 11.

On January 24, a fishing vessel and its crew were grounded in ice and hypothermic conditions, unable to be picked up by the Coast Guard because of severe wind and weather conditions that are unique to Alaska — sustained 50 - 60 mph hurricane winds, 20 foot seas, heavy snow and ice — when a second rescue call came in for a sinking fishing vessel nearby.

In total, four Coast Guard helicopters and two airplanes, plus a good Samaritan boat completed the rescues, with the support and work of the entire air station crew on the ground.

"The Salute to the Coast Guard honors heroes who risk their lives to save others in need," said Anne B. Brengle, Coast Guard Foundation president. "These brave individuals deserve our admiration and respect, as well as our support."

To honor and represent the Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak, the Coast Guard Foundation is awarding six members of the group, as well as the former commanding officer of the air station, Capt. Bill Deal.

The six members of the crew joining us in New York are:

  • LCDR Josh Fitzgerald
  • LT Jason Evans
  • LT John Filipowicz
  • AST1 Rachid Arnick
  • AET3 Clark Patterson
  • AMT3 Joshua Shaffer


The entire crew of Air Station Kodiak, which will be honored with the 2012 Award for Heroism in New York City, October 11.


1 Comment

  1. Congratulations to all of you on a Job Well Done!! Kodiak is a very rough place to be, much less work there and you are ALL very appreciated for everything you do! I have a nephew serving there now, Cory Carl and his older brother Mark Costello also served on Kodiak for several years before being transferred to Coast guard Florida. May God bless you all!! You are a strong group of men and women!!