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Happy New Year!

We here at the Coast Guard Foundation would like to wish all of the members of our community a happy and healthy New Year. Looking back on 2013, there is much we are proud of, and a strong base that we hope to build on going forward. Thanks to all of our donors who made a difference this past year. Your support allows us to help the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard when they need it most.

Here are some accomplishments that we are particularly proud of:

  • Our Salute to the Coast Guard in New York City raised more than $1million dollars in 2013, a major win for the Foundation
  • Thanks to concentrated efforts on building our scholarship program, the Foundation raised nearly $500,000 for enlisted dependent scholarships in 2013 alone
  • The Coast Guard Remember movement expanded its reach globally, helping commemorate all those who have sacrifced their lives in service of our country
  • We raised more than $566,000 for morale and wellness project through the Shipmate Fund. The Foundation was able to provide $65,000 worth of Shipmate projects to crews stationed in the Pacific Northwest, due to a successful Seattle Awards Dinner and auction

Again, thank you all for being part of this successful year. Happy 2014!


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