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Parent of a CGF Scholar

Note: The following is a testimonial from the parent of a Coast Guard Foundation Scholar. The parent is now retired from the service. The individual asked not to be identified due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter.

I want you to know what my son’s scholarship has meant to us as his parents. Three years ago I was in an automobile crash that left me permanently disabled with a back injury. Prior to that I was in a job that I truly enjoyed for the first time since being out of the Coast Guard, and my wife and I were beginning to see a future in a different way.

Then the crash happened and I could no longer do the job that I worked so hard to finally be able to do. The loss of income, and the complete lack of certainty about our future, left us unsure whether our son would even be able to continue at college.

These haven't been easy times, not only for me, but especially for my family. My son at one point was going to quit so he could help us pay the bills. Thankfully it didn't have to come to that. The Foundation scholarship was the difference in allowing him to stay in school. Honestly, I am not sure if he knows that, but without the scholarship we most likely would not even be telling this story.

When I was in the Coast Guard I knew of a number of support organizations and had an idea of what they did, but always felt that, "It's nothing I need, or can use." I hope this message helps others know that supporting the Foundation is not just some money changing hands, but is impacting people’s lives in a major way.

A big thanks to the Foundation and the many others that made this happen. His future is bright. I'm glad the Coast Guard was a part of making that happen.

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