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Supporting Families in the Wake of the CG-6535 Crash

The Coast Guard Foundation is supporting the families affected by the crash of CG-6535 in Mobile, Alabama on the night of Feb. 28. All four crew members perished in the crash. Please join us in offering our deepest sympathies to the families impacted by this incident. The Coast Guard Foundation raised funds to pay for the memorial service for the crew, which was held on March 8 in Mobile.

To view photographs of the memorial service held for the lost crewmen, follow this link.

To make a donation in support of the families affected by this heartbreaking incident, click here.

The Coast Guard identified the crew members as: Chief Petty Officer Fernando Jorge; Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew Knight; Lt. j.g. Thomas Cameron; and LCDR Dale Taylor.

LCDR Taylor is from Snow Hill, North Carolina. Lt. j.g. Cameron is from Portland, OR and was a 2009 Coast Guard Academy graduate and former captain of the Academy's soccer team. CPO Jorge is from Cypress, California. AET3 Knight is from Thomasville, Alabama.



This tribute illustration to the crew of CG-6535 was created by Sean P. Lawler. 


Comments (37)

  1. May God give each family the comfort and peace that they will need to get through this terrible tragedy with in Coast Guard family. Thank you all who are serving each day!
  2. I am so very sorry for the entire USCG families involved with this tragic accident. My brother is a Coastie Pilot and knew 2 of the guys very well. May god watch over and protect those suffering and hurting during this difficult time. My deepest sympathy from a Coast Guard Sister
  3. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, and fellow service members during this difficult time. I am a proud USCG Mom and can only begin to know what you all are feeling with this loss. God bless you all!
  4. I live in Michigan and my husband is in the USCG. This unfortunate tragedy affects me deeply. My heart goes out to the families, loved ones, and friends of these brave, honorable men. I am so very sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the feeling. The sacrifices they made will never be forgotten will forever be in my heart. I send my prayers and condolences, love, and support your way. God Bless. ~Proud Coastie Wife
  5. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of all those affected by this tragedy and the entire Coast Guard family. I'm a Coastie mom and couldn't be prouder.
  6. Coast Guard wife sending our deep condolences to all service members families we are sorry for your loss .keeping you in our hearts,thoughts and prayers. perez family station port angeles wa,
  7. Heroes! You will always be remembered! Rest in peace brothers.
  8. I would like to extend my thoughts and prayers to the families of Lt. Cmdr. Dale Taylor, Lt. j.g. Thomas Cameron, Chief Petty Officer Fernando Jorge and Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew Knight. It is a tragic loss that resonates and pervades through out the entire USCG family. Edmund Hogan USCG Ret.
  9. God be with you. May He comfort you as only He can. We appreciate your loved ones' service and sacrifice more than you can know. They were truly among America's finest.
  10. From one USCG mom to 4 other moms, you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday my heart is breaking for you. The tragedy of CG-6535 is beyond words, just want you to know that your USCG family is here supporting you. Your sons are true heros! Semper Paratus and God Bless!
  11. Lifting you up in prayer in the days, weeks and months ahead. I am a coastie wife and it saddens me to the very core to hear of any tragedy that hits so close to home. Many, many others here in E City NC continue to pray for the family and friends of these 4 men. May God be with you, comfort you and hold you in His arms. God Bless.
  12. Once again, there are families and loved ones who are following our steps in this journey of grief that we are still walking through. From the Moletzsky family who has experienced this same sadness with CG1705, we extend our deepest condolences to you! May God bless you!
  13. As we pray for the the aircrew of CG 6535 and their family members, remember the brave sailors that continue to stand the watch so that others can live. Semper Paratus
  14. I am a coast father and very proud of my daughter who is air grew on the mighty Herc. C 130. I would just like to say to the families of the grew CG-6535, may our Lord take the wings of gold from them that they wear so proudly as he wraps his arm's around them and gives them the feathered wings of angels as he did with with the grew of CG-1705 for they are the wings of hope and life when there is no one else to call on. Best wishes and prayers be with you.....
  15. I am a wife of AST1 Rescue Swimmer and my heart goes out to the families of all the lost crew, most especially to the family with the lost one not yet recovered. As the video made on Fernando Jorge stated: ""Hopefully the families will find peace in knowing they died doing what they loved best, serving their country and flying." God Bless each and every member of flight 6535 and their families.
  16. It is such a great inspiration to know that there are people who willingly and repeatedly risk all to help others. We are so grateful for all that you and your families give and have given. We hope the promises of God come through for you without question, thus increasing your faith and hope, and comforting you while you face the tragedies we must endure while in this world.
  17. All should pray for the love ones to be strong and to be good role models as did their love ones to this Nation. That Will Always Stand As One Nation. Under GOD. That United We Will Always Stand In GOD We Will Always Trust. and we are a stronger Nation because of ones that serve. The Lord's Little Helper Paul Felix Schott
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