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Seattle-based Ice Breaker POLAR STAR Returns Home

The Coast Guard ice-breaker, the POLAR STAR, is returning to its home port of Seattle, Washington after being underway for more than 100 days on a mission to restock the McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica.

From the Seattle Times:

The vessel broke a 12-mile lane of ice up to 10-feet thick, clearing the way for a tanker and cargo ship.

In January, the Polar Star also was dispatched to help two vessels stuck in sea ice, but they broke free on their own.

The 399-foot Polar Star has a crew of 140. The 38-year-old-ship underwent an overhaul that allowed a U.S. icebreaker to support the Antarctic resupply effort for the first time in six years.


The Coast Guard Foundation provided the POLAR STAR much-needed updates to the ship's lounge. We outfitted the ship with more than $7,275 that helped furnish new LED TVs, and multiple X-Box and PlayStation3 gaming consoles. Due to the demanding nature of the POLAR STAR's deployment, these small creature comforts go a long way in allowing the men and women serving onboard to relax and enjoy themselves when they're not on duty.


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