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One of the Coast Guard Foundation's most solemn missions is to provide comfort to those who have
suffered the loss of a loved one in the line of duty. When a family or Coast Guard unit is faced with the
unthinkable, the Foundation steps in and provides immediate financial relief, whether it's a care package,
or paying for an airline ticket for a family member to attend her loved one's memorial service.
This video tells the story of Lisa Moletzsky and Audrey Gill, two people who the Coast Guard
Foundation have helped in times of need.

One In A Million

Coast Guard Foundation One In A Million Campaign

In 2009, the Coast Guard reached the significant milestone of rescuing more than one million people over the lifetime of the service. Linda L. Bean's son was included in that number, and Ms. Bean helped kick off the campaign for the Foundation to collect individuals' stories of being rescued.

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