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Specific Funds

Your gift to the Coast Guard Foundation makes a tremendous difference in the daily lives of the brave men and women who protect our shores, enforce maritime law, and preserve our environment. We strive to be careful stewards of your contributions, ensuring that gifts are designated to the appropriate area of support. Below you'll find descriptions of specific funds that we draw upon to support the Coast Guard in various ways.

The Coast Guard Foundation Shipmate Fund

Previously known as the Evergreen Fund, in 2010, we renamed our morale fund the Coast Guard Foundation Shipmate Fund to better reflect its purpose. The Shipmate Fund provides program support for morale, wellness, education and recreation initiatives for units, ships, and sectors, as identified by Coast Guard members.

The Foundation has distributed $5.8 million in morale support through the Shipmate Fund since its inception in 1994. In 2013 alone, we distributed over $620,000 across the country, resulting in more than 100 total grants to various units, stations, sectors, cutters and districts. See our interactive map of How We Help to learn more.

Coast Guard Foundation Scholarships and Education Grants

The Foundation administers several scholarships for Coast Guard enlisted personnel and their dependents. Scholarship winners have high hopes for the future — "A gift from heaven," is how one family described the Foundation's annual scholarship programs benefiting the children of nearly 100 enlisted men and women every year.

The Fallen Heroes Fund

The Fallen Heroes Fund provides emergency assistance to the families, friends and shipmates of those Coast Guard heroes who make the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country. The Foundation helps pay for immediate and ongoing needs of the families of the fallen, including the cost of college for the children of those who have died in the line of duty. Our support helps families grieve fully without having to worry about money during these difficult, heart-wrenching situations.

The Disaster Relief Fund

The mayday call was heard far and wide in 2005. Working tirelessly in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, Coast Guard people rescued more than 35,000 survivors of Hurricane Katrina without knowing whether their own homes and families were safe. In response to their needs, the Foundation started a Disaster Relief Fund to assist Coast Guard personnel who lost their homes and possessions as a result of natural disaster. Coast Guard supporters throughout the nation responded. The relief fund topped $1 million, enabling the Foundation to disburse grants to over 250 families who most needed financial assistance. Funds were used to help cover insurance deductibles, furniture replacement and home repairs. The Disaster Relief Fund continues to provide aid to Coast Guard families affected by natural disasters.

CFC_50thAnniversary_RGBParticipation in the Combined Federal Campaign

Are you an employee of the federal government? If so, you can contribute to the Coast Guard Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign directly through work. One hundred percent of funds given to the Foundation through the CFC are used to support the Foundation's Shipmate Fund. Generous CFC contributions, combined with other gifts, help fund projects at Coast Guard bases, on cutters and at small stations throughout the nation. We are grateful to the thousands of people who have designated us to receive CFC funds. For those who would like to contribute, please remember the Foundation's CFC number: #10514.

The Coast Guard Foundation Special Projects Fund

The Coast Guard Foundation Special Project Fund provides support for larger projects, such as building playgrounds, resurfacing athletic courts, installing outdoor lighting and other projects that cost up to $250,000. These projects are identified by the Coast Guard on the district and headquarters level.

The Coast Guard Foundation Capital Project Fund

The Coast Guard Foundation Capital Project Fund provides support for capital improvement projects that carry a price tag of $250,000+ . These projects are large scale campaigns to construct brick-and-mortar buildings. The Foundation has endeavored on multiple capital projects, including building recreation centers in Dauphin Island, Alabama and Valdez, Alaska, and swimming pools in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Alameda, California.



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