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Supporting Families

One of the most challenging aspects of life in the Coast Guard is balancing responsibilities of family and duty. Because of these challenges, the Coast Guard Foundation supports families in various ways, including college scholarships for dependents of enlisted personnel, education grants for spouses and disaster relief funds that can be used in the wake of a tragedy like the crash of CG-6535.

During these difficult times, we are reminded of the stark danger that Coast Guard personnel face on a daily basis, and the sacrifice these brave individuals are willing to make for their country. The Coast Guard Foundation is proud to be able to help in these ways during such trying times, and our support for families extends beyond these efforts.

CG Family Hugs

The Fallen Heroes Fund

The Fallen Heroes Fund, acts as a lifeline to the friends, families and shipmates of personnel who die in the line of duty.

Shipmate Projects

Working in partnership with Coast Guard senior leadership, the Foundation provides items to Coast Guard units on the front lines of America' defense that aren't covered by the federal budget. Over the years, the Foundation has built a number of playgrounds and recreation centers around the country from the Pacific Northwest to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. These projects give families safe places to play and form bonds with other Coast Guard families, and we are honored to provide them.

Education Assistance

The Coast Guard Foundation is a leader in supporting Coast Guard members' higher education goals, the Foundation provides between 800 to 1,200 enlisted men and women and their spouses with grants worth $300,000, helping them attain the dream of a college education. In 2014 alone, children of enlisted personnel were awarded 60 scholarships, worth nearly $400,000.

These things sound very basic, but we can assure you just how much they mean to our service men and women – especially those stationed in isolated areas with few resources.



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